Monday, March 2, 2015

W-Arabic Baby Girl Names

Arabic baby girl names with meanings starting with 'W'

Waajidah: One who is able achieve her goals in life, loved, beloved
Wabisa: Something Bright
Wafiqah: Successful
Wafiyah: Loyal, faithful
Wafiza: Fresh air
Wagma: The morning breeze, dew
Wahabah: A name of a poetess
Wahbiyah: Giving
Wahibah: A Giver, donor
Wahida: Unique
Wahidah: Exclusive, unique
Wahuj: First light of day, Dawn, A New Beginning
Wajihah: Eminent, distinguished, notable
Wakeelah: Agent
Wala: Loyalty
Walladah: Frequently producing, prolific
Wania: Gift of Allah (SWT)
Waniya: Pearl
Warda: Guardian, Protector
Wardah: Rose
Wareesha: Happiness
Warizah: Happiness, bubbly
Warqa: Pigeon
Warqaa: Pigeon
Warsan: True news, wonderful news
Waseefah: Female Servant; Mid-in-waiting
Waseemah: Comely
Wasfiyah: Depictive
Washma: Pretty, greatful, goodwish
Wasifah: One who describes
Wasilah: A friend who is inseparable (inseparable friend)
Wasimah: Graceful, pretty, beautiful
Wasna: Narrator of hadith
Watiaa: Beautiful
Wisam: Medal, badge of honour
Wisaam: Medal, badge of honour
Wiyyam: Truthful, loving
Wordah: Rose
Wurud: Roses


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