Monday, March 2, 2015

W-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'W'

Waa'il: One Who Returns For Shelter
Waddah: Bright, brilliant
Wahhab: To give, to donate
Wahhaj: Glowing, incandescent
Wahib: Liberal donor
Wahid: Unequalled, singular, exclusive
Wail: Returner
Waiz: Preacher
Wajahat: Commanding, Personality, Dignity
Wajdaan: Thought, imagination
Wajdi: Of strong emotion, love and passion
Wajeeh: Commanding Personality
Waliy al Din: The supporter of the faith
Waqaar: Self-respect
Waqar: Dignity,respect
Waqas:A Warrior
Waqqas: An old Arabic name
Ward: Flowers, blossoms
Waseem: Handsome
Wasif: A Man of Qualities
Wasil: Considerate, inseparable friend
Wazir: Minister
Wildan: Boy in heaven
Wisam: Logo,Badge, like coat of Arms


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