Monday, March 2, 2015

T-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Taanish: Good
Taban: Glittering, Resplendent
Tabassum: Smiling
Tabish: Heat, Brilliancy
Taha: Name of a Surah found in the holy book of the qur'an
Tahawwur: Rashness
Taj al Din: Crown of the faith
Tajammal: Beautiful
Tajammul: Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp
Tajudinn: Crown of religion
Talal: Admirable,nice
Talat: Countenance
Talha: A name of a Tree
Talhah: A Kind of tree
Tali: Ascending, Rising
Talib: Sender of truth,a student
Tamam: Generous
Tamanna: Wish, Desire
Tameem: Perfect,whole,complete
Tameez: Discretion, sense, manners
Tamim: Complete, Strong
Tamir: Opposite of short(tall).Rich;one who owns date palm trees
Tamkeen: Dignity, Gravity
Tammam: Generous
Tanim: Wave of the Sea, Rythm
Tanveer: Rays of light
Tanwir: Enlightening
Taqiy: God-fearing, Devout
Taqiyy: Pious, Righteous
Tareef(Tarif): Rare, uncommon
Tariq: A late visitor.Name of a star
Tasadduq: Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice
Tasawwar: Idea, conception
Taseen: A name of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Taslim: Peaceful
Tasneen: A heavenly fountain
Taufiq: Guidance
Tauqeer: Respect
Tawbah: Repentance
Taym Allah: Slave of (Servant of) God
Taymullah: Servant of God
Taymur: Strong, brave
Taysir: Facilitation
Tayyab: Clean
Tayyib: Good or delicate
Thaman: Price, Worth
Thamar: Outcome,Fruit
Thamer: Fruitful, productive
Thamir: Productive, fruitful
Thaqaf: Able to surpass in skill
Thaqib: Piercing
Tharwat: Wealth, Fortune, riches
Thauban: Two garments
Thawab: Reward
Thawban: Name of a companion of the prophet 
Thumamah: Millet (Plant)
Tunveer: Rays of light
Turhan: Of mercy


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