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S-Arabic Baby Girl Names

Arabic baby girl names with meanings starting with 'S'

Saadia: Lucky
Saadiya: Flower
Saaedah: The quiet one
Sabr: Self-control, patience
Sabreen: Patience, endurance
Sabrin: Patience
Sabriyah: Patient, preservant
Sabuhi: Morning Star
Sadad: Right thing to do, lucky hand
Sadaf: Shell, Oyster, Pearl
Sadah: Happiness
Sadia: Lucky
Sadiah: Good luck
Sadiqa: Honest, truthful
Sadiqah: Truthful, sincere
Sadiyah: Blessed, Fortunate
Safun: Breezing
Safwah: An Arab feminine name
Safwana: A Shining Star, Rock
Sagheerah: Short
Sahar: Dawn
Saharish: Cool and fresh breeze of morning
Sahibah: Colleague
Sahirah: Wakeful
Sahlah(Sahla): Easy, convenient, smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Sahrish: Sunrise
Saibah: A name of a narrator of Hadith
Saida: Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly
Saidah: Happy, fortunate
Saihah: Good, useful
Saila: Sunshine
Saima: Keeps fasts
Saimah: Fasting
Saiqa: Lightning
Saira: Glad, happy
Sairah: One who travels
Saja: To be calm and quiet
Sajidah: Prostrating to Allah(SWT)
Sakeenah: Calm, quiet and tranquil
Sakina: Name of narrator of Hadith
Sakinah(Sakeena): Allah-inspired peace of mind, tranquility
Saleemah: Healthy, Sound
Salifah: Previous
Salihah: Good, useful, righteous, devout, correct, agreeable
Salimah(Saleema): Sound, safe, peaceful, flawless, faultless, healthy
Salma: Peaceful, safe, healthy, a wife of the Prophet
Salmaa: Peaceful
Salsabil(Salsabeel): A fountain in Paradise, spring in Jannah
Salwa: Solace, quail, comfort
Samaa: Sky
Samah(Samaah): Generosity
Samaira: Enchanting
Samar: Evening conversation
Samara: Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith
Samarah: A name of narrator of Hadith, soft light
Samawah: Summit, height
Sameea: One who listens
Sameeha: The Generous blessing of Allah
Sameen: Precious
Sameena: A big forest in paradise
Sameh: Forgiver
Samera: Enchanting
Sameya: Pure
Samia: Exalted, noble, much praised
Samiah: Forgiveness or forgiver
Samihah(Sameeha): Generous
Samina: Precious, Generous
Samira: Call
Samirah(Sameera): Entertaining female companion
Samiun: The Hearing
Samiya: To hear
Samiyah(Saamiya): Elevated, exalted, lofty
Sammar: Fruit
Samra: Pure, promise, fruit, soft, light tanned colour
Samrah: Name of a fruit, written in the Quran 24 times
Samrina: Flower or fruit
Sana(Sanaa): Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze, look, eminence, sublimity, splendor
Sanam: Beloved
Sanari: Sweet and Beautiful
Sanaubar: Cone bearing tree
Sarina: Peace
Sarish: Morning
Sarra: Name of a female companion
Sarrinah: Beautiful, companion of prophet(S.A.W)
Sarwari: Chief
Sarwat: Wealth, Power, Influence
Sarwath: Wealth, riches
Sauda: Wife of the Prophet
Savaira: Morning
Sawdah: A wife of the Prophet(S.A.W)
Sawsan: Lily of the valley
Sayyidah: Lady, woman, and/or chief
Seem: Name of a flower
Seerat: Inner beauty, fame
Seham: Arrows
Seher: Beautiful sunshine of the sun and day
Sehr: Sunrise
Sehrish: The sunrise
Senada: Graceful, heavenly
Senait: Good Luck
Sfiyah: Righteous
Shabana: Famous
Shabeehah: Picture, image, like
Shabina: The eye of the storm
Shabnam: Dew
Shadan: Young gazelle
Shadha(Shadhaa): Aromatic, Aroma
Shadhiyah: Aromatic
Shadmani: Joy, happiness
Shafana: Integrity and Virtuous
Shafaq: Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset
Shafath: Healing or curing people
Shafeeqah: A compassionate kind hearted friend
Shafia: Mercy
Shafiah: Intercessor
Shafiqah: Compassionate, sympathetic, tender
Shahada: Bearing witness
Shahana: Queen
Shaharun: Honest, trustworthy
Shahd: Honey, honeycomb
Shahed: Honey
Shaheema: Smart, clever
Shaheena: Falcon
Shaheenah: Falcon
Shaheerah: Well-known
Shahida: Witness
Shahidah: Witness
Shahina: Princess
Shahirah: Renowned, famous, well known
Shahla: Dark flower, Dark grey eyes
Shahmeen: Princess
Shahnaaz: Pride of the king
Shahnaz: Bride
Shahnoor: Royal Glow
Shahrazad: Teller of "Tales of 1'001 Nights"
Shahreen: Sweet
Shahzaadee: Princess
Shahzana: Princess married to a king
Shaila: Small mountain
Shaima: Good natured
Shairah: Poetess
Shaista: Polite, Extremely dedicated and very intelligent. She desires support and encouragement in all her goals.
Shaistah: Polite, Courteous
Shajarah: Tree
Shajee'ah: Brave
Shakeelah: Beautiful, comely
Shakila: Pretty
Shakirah: Thankful
Shakurah: Grateful, very thankful
Shalimar: Strong and beautiful
Shama: Lamp
Shamailah: Good traits excellent disposition
Shamama: Fragrance
Shamamah: Fragrance
Shameemah: A fragrant breeze
Shameena: Beautiful
Shamila: One of friendly and likable nature
Shamilah: Comprehensive, complete
Shamim: Sweet, light fragrance
Shamima: Fragrant breeze
Shamis: The sun
Shamoodah: Diamond
Shams: Sun
Shamsa: Sunshine
Shamsia: Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only
Shanaz: Pride of King
Shanika: Good
Shanum: Allah's blessing, dignity
Shanza: Woman of diginity
Shanzay: Princess
Shanze: Rose
Shaqeeqah: Real sister
Sharayah: Poetress
Shareekah: Partner
Shareen: Sweet
Sharifah(Shareefa, Sherrifah): Noble, honoured, distinguished
Shariqah: Shining
Sharleez: Beautiful
Sharmeela: Shy
Sharmeen: Shy
Sharmin: Modesty
Shasmeen: Very beautiful, a heart of gold, trustworthy, an angel, perfect
Shatha: A name of a narrator of a Hadith
Shawq: Longing
Shayla: Little mountain
Shayma: Having a beauty spot, to look out
Shaymaa: To look out
Shazana: Princess
Shazfa: Success
Shazia: Aromatic
Shazmah: A Rare moon
Shazmin: White stone
Shazneen: The most beautiful flower
Sheema: Daughter of bibi haleema sadia who milked
Muhammad (S.A.W.Peace be upon him) in his childyhood
Sheen: Snow
Sheenaz: Beauty
Sheyla: Pine tree
Sheza: Good (religious) girl
Shezan: Beautiful
Shifa: Healing, curing
Shihaam: Intelligent
Shillan: A flower
Shimah: Nature, habit
Shimaz: Beloved
Shireen: Sweet
Shiya: Exceptional
Shiyam: Nature, character
Shiza: A gift or present
Shu'a: Rays of Sun light
Shuba: Beautiful
Shudun: Straight, powerful
Shuhda: Honey, honeycomb
Shuhrah: Fame, reputation
Shujana: Brave, strong
Shukrah: Thankfulness
Shukriyah: Of thanks
Shumaila: Beautiful face
Shumaisiya: Town in Makkah where the pilgrims used to dorn their ehrams
Shumaylah: The first woman in Islam who wore coloured garments; wife of al-Abbas and she was also the first to prepare perfume; again the daughter of Ali bin Ibrahim had this and was known by this name and was narrator of a Hadith.
Shumaysah: Name of narrator of hadith
Shurafa: Noble
Shurooq: Dawn, Sunrise
Shuruq: Rising, shining
Shyreen: Referring to saafa and marwa
Sibal: Eyes with lashes that are long
Sibaal: Eyes with long lashes
Siddiqa: Trustworthy, honest
Siddiqah: Strictly veracious, honest, upright, very truthful
Siddra: Like a Star
Sidra: Tree
Sidrah: Name of a tree
Sihaam: Arrows
Siham: Arrows
Simah: Sign, characteristic, expression
Simra: Heaven, princess
Simrah: Jannat, heaven
Sirah: Happy, Princess, Pure, name of the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) (Same for the name 'Sarah' at top)
Sireen: Wife of Prophets companion Hassan ibn Thabit; The daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood
and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet(S.A.W)
Sirin: Wife of Prophets companion Hassan ibn Thabit; The daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood
and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet(S.A.W)
Sitarah: A Star
Sitwat: Someone with fame and respect
Siyana: Protection
Sobia: Good and Noble Girl
Sofia: Beautiful
Soha: Star
Sohana: Dews on the grass
Somaya: Beautiful garden surrounded with roses and flowers
Sonia: Pretty, very beautiful
Sophia: Wisdom
Soraiya: Princess
Soraya: Beautiful
Sorfina: Clean, neat, free from dirt
Souhayla: Star
Suad(Souad): Good fortune
Su'ad: Good fortune
Subaha: Beautiful
Subhaan: Praising Allah
Subhah: in the morning
Subhiyah: of the morning
Subuhi: The cool cold breeze of the morning
Suda: Lucky, happy
Sudi: Name of a narrator of Hadith
Sufia: A person who follows Sufism - Clean heart
Sughra: Small
Suha: Name of a star
Suhana: Beautiful
Suhaylah(Suhailah): Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Suhaymah(Suhaimah): Small arrow
Suhayr(Suhair): Proper name
Suheera: Beautiful
Sukaina: A young daughter of Imam Hussain who was martyred
Sukainah: Likable, Charming
Sukaynah: Calm, Quietude, Charming, Likable
Sulafah: Choicest
Sultana: Leader, ruler, royalty
Sultanah: Sultaness
Sulthana: Queen
Sumaira: Diminutive of Samra and/or brownish
Sumaiya: Pure
Sumaiyah(Sumayyah): Name of a lady companion of the Prophet the first martyr in Islam
Sumanah: A name of a narrator of Hadith
Sumara: Entertainer
Sumayrah: Brownish
Sumaytah: She was a companion
Sumbul: Frail, Delicate
Sumera: Princess
Sumia: The one who listens
Sumiya: Beautiful
Sumlina: Morning Star
Summar: Fruit, Gifts
Summaya: The first lady who obtained shahadat in Islam
Summayyah: First martyr of Islam
Sumnah: Name of an Arab girl (FH)
Sumra: Fruit, summer fruit
Sumrah: Reward, gift, fruit of good deed
Sunbul: Spikes of grain
Sundas: Dress of heaven
Sundus: A fine silk which is used for clothing in heaven, Silk brocade
Sunya: Sunshine, brightness
Sura: To travel by night
Suraa: See "Sura"
Suraiya: Polite
Suraya: Star
Surraya: Brightest star, sun
Suwaydah: Name of narrator of hadith
Suwera: Dawn
Swiyyah: Little one


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