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S-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'S'

Sa'd: Felicity
Sa'dan: Fortunate, glad (happy)
Sa'id: Happy, fortunate
Sa'im: Fasting
Sa'ir: Going on foot, walking
Saaqib: Star
Sab: Lion
Sabah: Dawn(morning)
Sabahat: Grace,Beauty,Handsomeness
Sabbir: Patient
Sabeeh(Sabih): A narrator of Hadith.Beautiful, fond, pleasant
Sabeer: Persevering, patient
Saburah: Narrator of Hadith
Sad: Good luck
Sad al Din: Good of the faith
Sadad: Hand that is lucky(lucky hand), right thing to do
Sadan: Happy, Fortunate
Sadaqat: Truth
Sadiq: Sincere, Truthful
Sadit: Strong and hard working
Sadun: Happy
Saeed: Blissful, auspicious
Safdar: One who breaks the enemy's rank
Safeenah: The name of an Ahl As-Suffah
Safeer: Emissary
Saffar: An authority of Hadith
Safi: Clear, pure
Safiy: Best friend
Safiy al Din: Best friend of the faith
Safiy-Allah: Allah's chosen one
Safiyy: Chosen One
Safuh: Forgiving
Saful Islam: Sword of Islam
Safwah: The chosen, The best
Safwan: Solid, rock, pure
Safwat: The best, The chosen
Sagheer: Small, short
Sahab: Cloud
Sahar: Time before day break, bewitch
Saheim: Warrior
Sahib: Companion, friend
Sahil: Guide
Sahir: Wakeful
Sahl: Easy, Uncomplicated, Easy to deal with
Sahm: Arrow, dart
Sahmir: Entertaining companion
Sa'id: Happy, fortunate
Saifullah: Sword of Allah
Saji: A scholar had this name
Sajid: One who worships God
Sajjad: One who worships a lot
Sakhawat: Generosity, liberality, open-handness
Sakhr: Rock
Sakhrah: Rock(s)
Salaahddinn: The righteousness of the faith
Salaam: Peace
Salah: Righteousness of the faith, goodness
Salah al Din: Righteousness of the faith, it is also the name of the Muslim leader who had liberated the Jerusalem from the Crusaders
Salam: Peace
Salamah: Soundness, integrity and/or safety
Salamat: Safety
Salar: A Leader
Saleel: Warrior of understanding, Noble hearted,container of the inner strength
Saleem: Sound, Sane, Sincere, Unimpaired
Saleh: A prophet's name.Right, good
Salif: Previous, Former
Salih: Safe, whole, flawless
Salik: Passable, unobstructed
Salim: Secure, free
Salman: Safe, healty, wholesome; also name of the first Persion to embrace the faith (religion) of Islam
Salsaal: Water that is pure
Salsal: Pure Water
Salt: A narrator of Hadith
Sameed: Brave, simple
Sameer: Entertainer
Sameh: Forgiver
Sami: High, lofty, exalted
Samih: Forgiver
Samir: Entertaining companion
Samit: Quiet
Samman: Grocer
Sanaullah: Worshiper of Allah
Sanawbar: A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine
Sa'ood: Fortunate, Glad
Saqer: Falcon
Saqib: Shining Shining Star
Saqr: A Falcon
Sarab: Mirage
Sarfaraz: King
Sarfraz: Person sitting at a high place
Sarim: Lion, brave, big hearted
Sarim: Brave Man
Sariyah: Clouds at night and/or Travels by night.This is also the name of a companion of the prophet
Sarmad: Eternity
Sarosh: Angel
Sarwar: Chief, leader, Joy, Delight
Sati: Bright, Shining
Saud: Felicities, good fortune (fortunate)
Sawa: Equal, same
Sawad: Blackness, Skill
Sawlat: Influence, commanding, personality, awe
Sawwaf: Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer
Sayf: Sword (of religion)
Sayfiyy: Concerning sword
Sayhan: Flowing
Sayid: Lord, A Master
Sayyar: Mobile, Constantly on the move
Sayyid: Master
Seema: Mien, Countenance, Expression
Seif: Sword (of religion)
Shaaf: One who gives health
Shaariq: Radiance
Shabaan: The eight month of the Islamic Muslim calender
Shabbir: Pious, beautiful
Shabeeh: Resembling
Shabib: A name of the scholar who had written about the Qur'an
Shad: Happy
Shadab: Fresh, evergreen
Shadan: Happy
Shadeed: Lover
Shadhin: Independant
Shadi: Singer, enchanter
Shadin: Fawn, young deer
Shafaat: Recommendation
Shafee: Intercessor
Shafeeq: Compassionate, Kind, Tender
Shafi: Mediator
Shafin: He who cures
Shafiq: Compassionate, tender, kind
Shafiulla: Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah
Shafqat: Affection
Shagufta: Blooming, Happy
Shah: King
Shahadat: Witness, Evidence
Shaharyar: King
Shahbaz: Falcon
Shaheed: Witness
Shaheem: Intelligent
Shaheen: Falcon
Shaheer: Well-Known
Shahid: Witness
Shahin: Hawk
Shahir: Well-known, famous
Shahnawaz: Brave
Shahrukh: Concerning, monarchy
Shahrul: Moon
Shahzad: King's son
Shahzaib: Crown of a king, like a king
Shahzor: Extreme Power
Shairyaar: Friendship
Shajee: Bold, Courageous
Shakeel: Handsome, Comely
Shakib: Gift, present, reward
Shakir: Thankful
Shallal: Waterfalls
Shamal: Wind that comes from the north
Shamas: Sun
Shameel: Complete
Shameem: Fragrance
Shamel: Comprehensive, complete
Shamil: All comprehensive
Shamim: Fragrant
Shammyn: Sun light
Shams: Sun
Shams al Din: Sun of the faith
Shams-Ul-Haq: Appelation that was given to Pakistani and Indian Scholars
Shamshad: Box-tree
Shamsheer: The sword of honors
Shamsideen: Sun of religion
Shan: Dignity, Splendour
Shaqeeq: Real brother
Sharaf: Honour
Sharafat: Nobility
Sharaheel: A narrator of Hadith
Shareef: The good, honest, noble, honourable, disquinshed
Shareek: Associate
Sharif: Honest, honourable, noble, distinguished
Sharifudin: The noble religion
Shariq: Radiant, Bright
Sharique: Sunrise
Sharjeel: Fine
Shaukat: Grandeur
Shawaiz: Speak melodious
Shaziya: Aromatic
Shehran: The ancient king of Persia
Shehroze: A King of Roses
Shehryaar: Sovereign
Shehyar: Lucky one
Shehzaad: Prince
Sheraz: Loving, Caring, Daring
Sheryar: King
Shibli: The name of a great Scholar and Writer
Shifa: Cure
Shifan: Kind, patient
Shihab: Flame, blaze
Shihad: Honey
Shiraz: Sweet
Shoaib: A name of a prophet
Shu'aa: Rays,Beams
Shuaib: A prophet's name
Shuayb: A Prophets name
Shuja: Brave, bold, Valour
Shukri: Thankfulness
Shumayl: Complete
Shuneal: Traveller
Shurahbeel: A name of a narrator of hadith
Shurayh: Narrator of hadith
Shuraym: Split, Cleavage
Siddiq: Upright, Truthful
Sifet: Quality
Sikandar: The name of a famous Sovereign
Silah: Arms
Simak: Arcturus (Star)
Sinan: Spear-head
Siraj: Lamp, light, lighted torch
Siraj al Din: Light of the faith
Siwar: Bracelet, Arm-ring
Sofian: Sand storm and/or Devoted
Sohaib: Reddish or Sandy (Hair)
Sohail: A name of a star, gentle, ease
Souffian: Sand
Subhan: Holy
Subhi: Early morning
Sufyan: An old Arabic name
Sufyaan: Devoted
Suhaan: Very good
Suhaib: Of reddish complexion or hair.This is also name of the first Roman to embrace Islam
Suraqah: Name of a companion of the prophet
Surayj: Name of an authority of hadith
Surur: Happiness, Joy
Suoud: Good luck
Syed: Always able to be in control


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