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N-Arabic Baby Girl Names

Arabic baby girl names with meanings starting with 'N'

Na'eemah: Joyful
Na'ilah: Acquirer, obtainer, winner
Na'imah: Tranquillity, comfort
Naa'irah: Shining, Bright
Nabihah: Intelligent, noble, eminent
Nabijah: Ambitious, Leader and Brave
Nabila: Happiness, generosity
Nabilah: Noble, magnanimous
Nada: Dew, Generosity
Nadeen: Hope
Nadesh: Hope
Nadia: Hope and/or the beginning, first
Nadidah(Nadeeda): Equal, rival
Nadimah: A Friend
Nadira: Presious and rare
Nadirah: Rare, precious
Nadiyah: Caller, announcer, announcement
Nadra: Rare, unique
Nadwa: Generosity, council
Nadwah: Council, generosity
Nadyne: Flower
Naeema: Ease and blessing
Na'eemah: Joyful
Nageen: Precious stone
Nageenah: Precious Stone
Nagheen: Pearl
Nagina: Diamond
Nahal: Small Plant
Naheed: Honourable
Naheeda: Beautiful
Nahida: Elevated, delightful
Nahidah(Naheeda): Big
Nahla: Drink
Nahlah(Nahla): A drink of water
Nahleejah: Cool, Down to Earth
Naifah: This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by
the masses for her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people in different affairs.
Nailah(Naila): Acquirer, obtainer, one who succeeds
Na'ilah: Acquirer, obtainer, winner
Naima: Powerful, strong-minded person
Naimah(Naima): Tranquility, comfort, amenity,peace, living a soft and enjoyable life
Na'imah: Comfort, tranquillity
Nain: Eye
Naina: Eyes
Naira: Shinning, glittering
Najaf: A name of a city in Iraq
Najaah: Success
Najah: Success, safety
Najat: Safety, Security
Najdah: Courage, bravery
Najhat: Peaceful
Najibah(Najeeba): Of noble birth, distinguished
Najidah: Succour, Help
Najihah: Victory
Najiyah: Safe
Najla: Of wide eyes
Najma: A Star, in middle of a group of stars
Najmah: Star
Najmiyyah: Star
Najwa: Confidential talk, romatic talk, secret conversation
Najya: Victorious
Nakhat: Fragrance
Nakia: Pure, faithful
Namar: A name of a mountain
Namra: Delicious water
Narmin: A flower, delicate, soft, slender
Naseeka: Nusuk (Arabic sacrifice), piece of gold
Naseemah: Breeze
Naseerah: Helper
Nasha: Scent, perfume
Nasheed: Beautiful one
Nasheelah: Honey comb
Nashema: Wise, Blossom
Nashida: Student
Nashirah: Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader
Nashita: Full of life, energetic
Nashitah: Active, energetic
Nashmia: Garden of flowers
Nasifah: Just, equitable
Nasiha: One who gives valuable advice, advice
Nasihah: Advisor
Nasim: Fresh air, breeze
Nasimah: Gentle breeze, zephyr
Nasira: A Glowing Star and/or victorious, helper
Nasirah: Helper, protector
Nasmah: Breeze
Nasra: Helper
Nasreen: Wild Rose
Nasrin: Blue scented flower
Nasrullah: Victory of Allah
Natara: Guardian
Natasha: Strong
Nathifa: Pure, Clean
Naureen: Light that is Bright
Naurus: Bird in Arabic
Naushaba: Elixir
Nausheen: Sweet, pleasant, agreeable
Naushin: Sweet
Naveda: Glad things
Naveen: New, Excellent, Something that is better than the rest
Navil: To be blessed
Nawal: Gift
Naweed: Good news
Nawel: Gift
Nawlah: A name of a narrator of Hadith
Nawrah: Flower, blossom, happiness
Nawwal: Gift
Nazeefah: Clean
Nazeeha: Honest
Nazeerah: Warner
Nazia: Pride
Nazihah(Nazeeha): Honest
Nazimah: Administrator
Nazindah: Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad who had founded a religious school.
Nazirah: Observer, supervisor
Nazirah(Nazeera): Like, matching, equal
Nazish: Fragrance, Proud
Nazli: This was the name of an intelligent, learned woman who had command over different languages such as Turkish, Arabic, French, English and was an expert in different fields.
Nazma: Star
Nazmin: Light
Nazneen: Beautiful
Nazraana: Gift
Nazuk: Delicate
Neelam: Sapphire
Neelofer: Lotus, Water Lily
Neeshad: Cheerful
Neeya: A Desire For Something
Neha: Love, rain
Nejat: Freedom, stress-free
Nelam: Precious stone
Nelofar: Lotus, Water lily
Nesrin: A field of wild roses
Nevaeh: Heaven, peace, angels
Nibaal: Arrows
Nibal: Arrows
Nibras: Lamp, light
Nida: Call
Nidaa: Call
Nidda: Call
Nigar: Beautiful
Nighat: Vision, sight
Nihad: Height
Nihal: Drink
Ni'ja: Saved One
Nijah: Success
Nilofar: Waterlily
Nilofer: Wild Mountain Rose
Nimah(Naeema): Blessing, Loan, Favour
Ni'mah: Blessing, loan, favour
Nimaat: Blessings, loans
Nimat: Blessing
Nimerah: Tigeress, beauty, strength, power, modesty
Nimra: Soft, Lion
Nimrah: Pure, clean
Nina: Gracious One
Nisa: Women
Nisha: Whole World
Nishat: Happiness
Nisreen: Flower
Nisrin: Kind of aromatic plant
Nissa: Lady-like
Niyaf: Tall and pretty
Noor Jehan: An Indian Queen had this kind of name
Noor(Nur): Light
Noor-Al-Haya: The Light of my life
Noorie: Light
Nooriya: Light
Noorjahan: Light of the world
Noor-ul-ann: Light
Nora: Light
Norah: Light
Noreen: Bright, lovable
Norhan: Light
Noriza: Light of contentment
Noshaba: Elixir, the water of life
Nosheen: Sweet Thing
Nouf: The highest point on a mountain
Noureen: Light
Nu'aymah: Name of a narrator of hadith
Nudar(Nudhar): Gold
Nudrat: Singularity
Nuha: Intelligence
Nuhaa: Intelligent
Nujud(Nojood): Wise, noble
Numa: Beautiful and pleasant, happiness
Nunah: Dimple in the chin
Nur al Huda: Light of the faith
Nura: The light, e.g: nurul islam, the light of islam
Nurah: Light
Nurah(Noorah): Corolla, blossom
Nurayda: Intelligence
Nuriya: Light
Nuriyah: Radiant, brilliant, light
Nurjenna: Light of Paradise
Nuryn: Light
Nusaibah: Old Arabic Muslim name
Nusaybah: One with good lineage, old Arabic name
Nusrah: Helpful
Nusrat: Help, Victory
Nyasia: Most beautiful one
Nyla: Winner, Achiever


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