Monday, March 2, 2015

N-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'N'

Na'il: Acquirer, earner
Naadir: Dear, Rare, Precious
Nabeel: A man who is noble
Nabhan: Alert, noble, outstanding
Nabigh: Genius
Nabighah: Intelligent
Naim: Comfort, tranquillity, ease
Najair: Little Star
Najam: A Star
Najeeb: Of noble birth
Naseem: Breeze
Naseer: One who helps
Nashah(Nashat): Growing up, youth
Nashat: Joy, Cheer
Nashit: Energetic, active
Nashwan: Exultant (triumphant), elated (very happy or proud)
Nasib: Noble, relative
Nasif: Most just, equitable
Nasih: Advisor, well-wisher, counselor
Nasim: Breath of Fresh air, breeze
Nasir: Supporter, Protector, helper
Nasir al Din: Protector of the faith
Nasmi: Breeze
Nasr: Help, victory
Nasri: Of victory
Nasser: Protector, help, victory
Nasuh: Faithful, sincere
Natiq: Categorical (decision), speaker,talker, rational
Naushad: Happy
Naveed: Glad tidings
Navid: (See Naveed)
Nawaf(Nawwaf): High, lofty
Nawaz: Prince, kind, loving and generous
Nawfal: Generous, old Arabic name for the Sea
Nayab: Prrrecious, Rare
Nayif(Naif): High, excellent, surplus, abundance
Nazakat: Delicacy
Nijad: Dominant, tall
Nimr: Tiger
Nishaaj: Explorer
Nithar: Sacrifice
Niyaz: Dedication, Offering
Nizam: Administration
Nizar: An old arabic Muslim name
Nizzar: Keen-eyed
Noman: Men with all blessings of Allah
Nooh: Name of Prophet
Noor: Attribute of Allah
Noorali: Light of Ali
Noraiz: The first ray of sunlight which came on to earth
Nour: Light
Noureddine: Light of faith
Nuaim: Name of several of the prophets' companions
Nuaym: Name of several of the prophets' companions, also it is the name of one of narrators of hadith
Nubaid: Bringing Happiness
Nuh(Nooh): A Prophet's name
Nuhaid: Big
Nuhayd: Big
Numair: Panther
Numan(Nu'man): Red, blood
Nur: Light
Nusayr: A name of a narrator of hadith
Nusrah: Support, help
Nusrat: Help, support


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