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M-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'M'

Ma'mun: Trustworthy, reliable
Ma'n: Assistance
Maaz: A brave man
Mabad: A place of worship
Mahja: Place to sleep, lodgings, quarters
Mahjub: Veiled, concealed
Mahmud(Mahmoud): The praised one, commendable, also the variation of the name 'Muhammad'
Mahrus: Protected (by God)
Maimun(Maymun): Lucky
Majd: Glory
Majd al Din: Glory of the faith
Majdi: Praiseworthy, glorious
Majdy: Glorious
Majid: Glorious
Makhdoom: One who is served
Maqil: Intelligent
Marghoob: Desirable, agreeable, coveted
Marghub: Desirable, coveted
Marid: Rebellious
Maru'deen: Strong believer of the religion
Maruf: Known, accepted, well-known, good
Marwan: Solid, old Arabic Muslim name
Marzuq: Blessed, fortunate
Masarrat: Happiness, delight, joy
Mash'al: Torch
Mashal: Torch
Mashhood: Witness
Mashhud: Clear, Manifest, Witnessed
Mashhur: Famous
Mashkoor: One who is worthy of thanks, deserving, commendable
Masood: Blissful, fortunate, auspicious
Masoud: Lucky
Masroor: Happy person, joyful
Masrur: Happy, joyful
Masud: Fortunate, happy, lucky
Masum: Innocent, infallible
Masun: Well protected, sheltered
Mateen: Solid, constant, tough, substantive
Matloob: Objective, goal
Mawsil: Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq
Maymun: Blessed, Fortunate
Maysarah: Ease, of comfort
Mazhar: Appearance
Mazin: Old Arabic name, cloud that carries rain
Mehboob: Loveable
Mehtab: The Moon
Mekka: Name of the Holy city
Mikael: Name of an angel
Mikail: Name of an angel
Mika'il: One of Allah's angel
Mikayeel: One of the 4 main Angels of Allah (SWT)
Mikhail: One of the 4 main Angels of Allah (SWT)
Mimar: Mason, architect
Minhaj: Road, Path
Miqdad: Name of a Sahabi
Miraj: Ascension (to heaven)
Mirsab: The sword of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Misbah: Light, lamp
Mishaal(Mishal): Torch, light
Miskeen: Poor
Mistah: Instrument to level something
Miyaz: Preferred, distinquished
Mo'tasim: Handsome
Moazzam: Respectable
Mobeen: Sensitive
Moeen ud din: Helper in the religion
Moeez: Respectful
Moemen: Believer and faithful to Allah
Mohammed: Name of the final prophet (S.A.W,peace be upon him)
Mohid: The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty
Mohsin: Helper, attractive
Mokbul: Accept
Mostafa: Chosen one
Mo'tasim: Handsome
Motaz: Proud
Mounir: Light, sunlight
Mourad: Desire
Mu'ayyad: Supported
Muadh: Protected, a name of a companion
Muammar: Senior
Muammer: Senior
Mu'awiyah(Muawiyah): Sehabie Rasool (sawas), young fox, First Ummayad Caliph
Mu'awwiz: Companion who participated in the Battle of Badr
Mu'ayyad(Muayyad): Supported (by God)
Muballigh: Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam
Mubarak: Blessed, happy, fortunate, auspicious
Mubaraq: Blessing
Mubashir: Spreader of good news
Mubassir: Observer
Mubeen: Clear
Mubid: Intellectual
Mubin: Evident, clear
Mudabbir: One who plans
Mudar: An Arabian tribe, name of a great grandfather of the Prophet
Muddaththir: Covered, a title of the prophet
Mudasir: Handsome
Mueen: One who helps
Mueez: One who gives protection
Mufaddal: One who is preferred
Mufakkir: Thinker, one who meditates
Mufallah: One who prospers
Mufeed: from the verb fada to overflow, helpful
Mufid: Useful
Muflih: One who prospers
Mufti: Jurist
Mughith: Helper, succourer
Muhab: Dignified
Muhafiz: One who protects
Muhaimin: Supervising, guardian, protector
Muhair: Skilled
Muhajir: Immigrant
Muhammad(Muhammed): Praiseworthy - name of the last Prophet (A.S)
Mu'inuddeen: The Helper of the religion
Muiz: The giver of might and glory
Muizz: Comforter
Mujab: One whose prayers were answered
Mujaddid: One who renews or renovates or refreshes
Mujahid: A warrior, A fighter (in the way of Allah)
Mujazziz: The name of a companion
Mujeeb: Responder
Mujibur: Responsive
Mujtaba: The chosen one
Mukarram: Respected, honoured
Mukhlis: Sincere, pure-hearted, faithful
Mukhtar: Selected, authorised, chosen
Mukthadir: Strong, health
Mulayl: Name of a companion
Mulham: Inspired
Mulhim: Inspiring
Mumin: One who believes, a believer
Mummar: Given or granted long life
Mumtaz: One who is distinguished, excellent
Munaf: Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to
Munahid: Strong
Munawwar: Enlightened, lighted
Mundhir: Cautioner, warner
Munkadir: Name of an authority and ascetic of hadith
Munqad: One who is led, conducted, obedient
Munsif: Just, right
Muntasir: Victorious
Muntazir: The awaiting
Munzir: Warner
Muqaddas: Sacred
Muqatadir: Name of an Abbasid Khalifah
Muqbil: Following, next
Muqtasid: One who is economical, thrifty
Murabbi: Patron, Superior, guardian
Murad: Desire
Mursal: Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador
Murshid: Spiritual guide, instructor, mentor
Murtaad: Ascetical
Murtada(Murtadi,Murtadhy): Satisfied, contented, pleased
Murtadaa: Chosen one
Murtaza: The generous, The giving
Musa(Moosa): A Prophets name
Musab: An old Arabic name
Musad: Unfettered camel; favoured by fortune, lucky
Musaddiq: One who confirms or verifies another
Musaid: Helper
Museeb: Apple in persian.Also it means great warrior
Musharraf: One who is honoured, exalted
Musheer: Advisor
Mushfiq: Friend, considerate
Mushir: "The one of highest rank" was used
mostly in military in the past
Mushtaq: Ardent, Longing, yearning
Muslih: Conciliator, reformer
Muslim: Submitting oneself to Allah(God)
Mussarrat: Joyful, always happy
Mustaeen: The chosen one
Mustafa: The chosen one, also one of the Prophets names
Mustafeed: Profiting, gainful
Muta: Obeyed
Mutahar: Purest
Mutahhir: What Purifies
Mutashim: Honest, Decent and modest
Mutasim: Adhering (to faith, to God).Kept away from sin; name of a Khalifah
Mutawalli: Entrusted
Mutawassit: Moderate, average
Mutayyib: Fragrant
Mutazz: Honourable, proud
Muthanna: An old Arabic Muslim name
Muti: Obedient
Muttaqi: Righteous, one who fears Allah
Muttee: Obedient
Muzhir: Witnessed, name of a companion
Muzzammil: One who is wrapped up, it is also a title of the prophet


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