Monday, March 2, 2015

L-Arabic Baby Girl Names

Arabic baby girl names with meanings starting with 'L'

Laaiqah: Worthy, capable, deserving
Labeebah: Intelligent, wise, brillant
Labibah: Understanding, sensible, intelligent
Laila: Of the Night
Laiqa: Intelligent, smile
Latifa: Gentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly
Latifah(Lateefa): Friendly, Pleasant, Kind, Gentle
Layali: Nights
Layan: Soft and gentle
Layla: Born at night, dark beauty
Layla(Leila): (Born at) night; rapture, elation
Layyah: Twist, Flexure
Lazim: Imperative, essential
Leem: Peace
Leena: Plant of dates, soft, clemency, mild
Leila: Night
Leilah: Night
Leyla: Night
Lina: Palm tree
Linah(Lina, Leena): Tender
Liyana: Softness, tenderness
Lu'lu: Pearls
Lubab: The best part
Lubabah(Lubaaba): The innermost essence
Luban: Denotes long neck, a pine tree
Lubanah: Wish, desire
Lujain: Silver
Lujaina: Silver
Lujayn: Silver
Lu'lu: Pearls
Lulu: Pearls
Lulwa: Pearl
Luma: Sunset
Luna: Moon
Lunah: Date palm
Lutfiyah: Delicate, graceful


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