Monday, March 2, 2015

J-Arabic Baby Girl Names

Arabic baby girl names with meanings starting with 'J'

Jabalah: Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of hadith
Jabeen: Forehead
Jabirah: Consoler, comforter
Jabrayah: Respect, Love
Jada: Gift, present
Jadwa: Present, gift
Jahaan: Land
Jahan: Land
Jahan Aara: Adornment of the world
Jahan Khatoon: A name of a Persian poet
Jahanara: To flower, to live
Jahdamah: She was a female companion of the Prophet(S.A.W)
Jahida: Helps the vulnarable
Jahmyyllah: Beautiful one
Jameela: Beautiful, graceful, lovely
Jameelah: Beautiful
Jameena: Progressive, productive
Jamia: Beautiful
Jamila: Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jamilah: Beautiful, lovely, graceful
Jammana: Pearl
Jana: Harvest. Products (Fruits) of Paradise - In Surah Al-Rahman
Janan(Janaan): Heart, Soul
Jannah: Heaven, paradise
Jannat: Heaven
Javairea: Mysterious
Jawa: Passion, love
Jawahir: Precious stones, jewels
Jawharah: Jewel, gem
Jawl: To move freely
Jawna: The sun
Jaza: Compensation, Reward
Jazeera: Island
Jazira: Island
Jaziya: Granting
Jehaan: Creative mind
Jehan: Beautiful Flower
Jemimah: Beautiful
Jenna: Heaven, Paradise
Jennah: Paradise
Jessenia: Flower
Jian: Life
Jihan: A name of a river in Iran and/or Heavenly Place
Jilan: Courtier
Jinan: Gardens, paradise
Johara: Jewel
Jud: Generosity
Judamah: She was the daughter of Wahb; she was a companion
and a narrator of Hadith
Judi: Name of a mountain that is mentioned in the Qur'an
Juhanah: Young girl
Jun: Inlet, bay, gulf
Junah: The sun
Junainah: The Garden of Paradise
Junnut: Heaven
Juwairiyah: Wife of the Prophet
Juwan: Perfume
Juwariyah: She was the wife of the Prophet(S.A.W)
Jawayriyah: Wife of the prophet


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