Monday, March 2, 2015

I-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'I'

Ibaad: A worshipper
Ibrahim: A Prophet's name
Id: Feast, festival
Idris: A Prophet's name
Ihtsham: Strength
Ijaz: Miracle
Ijli: This was the name of the makes of astrolabes
Ikrimah: Old Arabic name
Ilan: A person who is good.
Ilias: A prophet's name
Ilifat: Friendship, kindness, obligation
Ilyas: A Prophet's name
Imada: Support, pillar, confidence
Imam: Leader (of prayer and/or community)
Imtiyaz: Distinct, mark of distinction or excellence
Inaam: Reward, Prize, favour
Inam: Act of benefaction, bestowal
Inayat: Bounty, Kindness, favour
Iniat: Blessing
Insaf: To Judge with Justice
Intaj: King, magnificent
Intikhab: Selection, choice
Intizar: Wait
Iqbal: Responsiveness, prosperity, good fortune
Iqraam: To be of assistance, respect
Iqrit: A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told
Iqtidar: Power, Office, Authority
Iqwaan: Brothers
Irfan: Gratefulness, thankfulness
Isa(Eisa): Prophet's name
Isam(Issam): Protector, safeguard
Ishaq: A Prophet's name
Ishrat: Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness
Ishtiyaq: Longing, craving
Iskandar: The name of a famous Sovereign.
Islam: Submission to Allah
Ismah: Preservation, infallibility
Ismail: A prophets name
Iyad: Pigeon
Iyas: Consoling
Izaan: Obedience
Izyan: Intelligent, wise
Izz: Glory, honour, High-standing,Prestige
Izz al Din: Might of the faith
Izzat: High rank, honour
Izzet: Honour, high rank


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