Monday, March 2, 2015

F-Arabic Baby Girl Names

Arabic baby girl names with meanings starting with 'F'

Fadeelah: Superiority
Fadheela: Superior, Virtuous, outstanding, refined and cultured
Fadila: Good looking, attractive
Fahima(Fahimah): Intelligent
Fahmida: Intelligent and Wise
Faiha: Good smell from heaven
Faiqa: Superior, Outstanding
Faiqah: Surpassing, excellent
Fairuzah: A precious gem
Faiza: Gain, victorious, winner
Faizah: Successful, winner, victorious
Fajr: The dawn, name of the morning prayer
Fakeehah: Cheerful
Fakhirah: Splendid, Elegant
Fakhra: Good, new
Fakhriyah: Honorary
Fakhtah: A dove
Fakihah: Fruit
Falak: A star and/or Breeze
Falaknaz: Sky
Falaq: Break of dawn
Falisha: Happiness
Famya: Good fame
Fanan: Tree branch or a twig
Faqirah: Name of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi)
Fara: Sunset
Farah: Cheerfulness, joy
Faraza: Height, Success
Fareedah: Unique precious gem
Fareeha: Happy, Joyful
Fareess: Life
Farha: Happiness
Farhah: Lively
Farhana: Happiness
Farhanah: Happy
Farhat: Cheer, Pleasure
Farheen: Jubilant
Farhiya: Happy
Faria: Kind, Loving and Beautiful
Farida: Unique, Matchless
Faridah(Fareeda): Unique, matchless, precious gem or pearl
Fariha: Joyous
Farkhandah: Happy, Lucky
Farqad: A name of a star
Farwa: Fur
Faryal: Angel
Faryat: Delightful sunshine
Farzana: Intelligent, wise, learned
Farzeen: Learned
Faseehah: Eloquent
Faseelah: Some distance
Fatheha: Name of the first surah in the Quran
Fathi: Something that is open
Fathima: Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Fathiya: Joy, happiness, new beginning
Fathiyah: Beginning
Fatihah: Opening
Fatim: A woman worthy of the ut-most praise
Fatima: Prophets (pbuh) daughter
Fatimah: A daughter of the Prophet(S.A.W)
Fatimah(Fatima): Accustom. Daughter of the Prophet
Fatin: Captivating, Alluring, Enchanting
Fatinah: Captivating, alluring, fascinating, enchanting, intelligent
Fatma: My giving
Fauzia: Succesful, Victorious
Fawz: Success or victory
Fawza: Success
Fawzah: Success
Fawzia: Victorious
Fawziyah: Successful
Fawziyyah(Fawziya, Fazia): Victorious, Successful
Fayha: Fragrant
Fayruz: Turquoise
Fazluna: A flower in the desert
Fazzilet: Blessings of Allah
Feerozah: A precious stone
Feiyaz: Successful
Fellah: Arabian jasmine
Femida: Wise
Firdaus: Jannat, Highest garden in paradise
Firdaws(Firdoos): The Highest Garden in Paradise
Firdous: Garden
Firdowsa: Highest garden of paradise
Firyal: An Old Arabic Muslim name
Fiza: Wind
Forhana: Happy, Ecstatic
Fozia: Successful and victorious
Foziah: Successful
Furat: Sweet water
Fusaylah: Some distance
Fuseelah: Narrator of hadith
Futun: Fascinations


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