Monday, March 2, 2015

F-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'F'

Faaiz: Successful, Prosperous, Victories
Faakhir: Excellent, Proud
Faaris: Horseman, A Knight
Faaz: Successful, victorious
Fadi: Redeemer
Fadil: Outstanding, Honourable, Generous, Superior
Fadl: Reward, favour, surplus
Fadl Allah: Favour of Allah
Fahad: Lynx, leopard, wild cat
Fahd: Lynx, leopard, wild cat
Faheem: Smart
Fahim: Undrestanding, clever, wise
Fahmi: Understanding
Fahyim: Very Clever
Faik: Surpassing, excellent, leader
Faiq: Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding
Faisal: Handsome, Strong, Decisive
Faiyaz: Artistic
Faiz: Grace, Favour, Winner
Faizaan: Grace, Favour
Faizan: Ruler
Fajaruddin: The First
Fajer: Dawn
Fakeeh: Cheerful
Fakhir: Proud, excellent
Fakhr: Pride, Something to feel proud about
Fakhr al Din: Pride of the faith
Fakhri: Honorary, glorious, proud
Fakhrul: Proud
Faqeeh: Jurist, Scholar of religious laws
Farafisa: Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi
Faraj: There have been men with this name, relief, freedom from grief
Farasat: Sagacity, perception
Faraz: Ascent, height
Farouk: Knowing from right to wrong
Farraj: Freedom from grief, relief
Farrukh: Happy, Auspicious
Faruq: One who is able to distinguish truth from falsehood
Farwah: Name of a few of the companions
Fasahat: Eloquence
Fateen: Clever, Smart
Fateenah: Intelligent
Fateh: Victory
Fath: Victory
Fathi: Victorious one
Fatih: Victor, conquerer, the "opener" (eg: surah al-Fath)
Fatiha: Opening
Fatin(Fateen): Smart, clever
Fattah: One who attains victory
Fawad: Heart
Fawwaz: Most Successful
Fawz: Success, Salvation
Fawzan: Victorious, Successful, Salvation
Fawzi: To do with success, successful
Fayaaz: Kind & Generous, Gracious
Fayd: Abundance
Fayek: Excellent, surpassing, superior, outstanding
Faysal: Decisive
Fayyad: Overflowing, generous
Fayzan: Beneficence
Fazal: Grace
Fazan: Ruler
Feroz: Shinning
Ferran: Baker
Fida: Redemption, sacrifice
Fiddah: Silver
Fidyan: Person who makes sacrifice
Fikri: Thought, ideas
Firas: Perspicacious, perspicacity
Fuad(Fouad): Heart
Fudail: Excellence in character
Fujai: Name of Prophet's (S.A.W) companion
Furozh: Light
Fuwad: Heart
Fuzail: An accomplished person


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