Monday, March 2, 2015

D-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'D'

Da'wud: A name of a prophet
Daamin: Guarantor, Surety
Daanish: Wisdom, Science,Learning
Dabbah: Latch, door lock
Dabir: Judge
Daghfal: Name of first Islamic geologist
Dakhil: A Foreigner, a stranger
Dameer: Heart, Conscience
Darim: Narrator of Hadith
Darwish: Dervish
Dawoud: A Prophet's name
Da'wud: A Prophet's Name
Dayyan: A mighty Ruler
Dhakiy: Intelligient, bright
Dhakwan: Intelligent
Dhiya: Light, splendour
Dhul Fiqar: Name of the Prophet's sword
Dilawar: Brave, Courageous
Dildar: Charming, beloved
Dinar: Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit
Dirar: An old Arabic name
Diya: Brightness, light
Diya al Din: Brightness of the faith
Diyari: A present or a gift
Duha: Fore noon


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