Monday, March 2, 2015

B-Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names with meanings starting with 'B'

Baahir: Brilliant, Dazzling
Baasim: Smiling
Badi: Marvelous
Badi al Zaman: The marvel of time
Bakri: One who starts work early
Baligh: Eloquent
Baqar: Inevitable, lion, powerful
Baqir: Beloved one, Close to heart
Barakah: Blessing
Barir: Faithful
Barkat: Growth
Barr: Just, Pious
Barraq: Shining
Basel: Brave
Basem: Smiling
Bashaar: Bringer of glad tidings
Bashar: Bringer of glad tidings
Basir: Bringer of glad tidings
Bassam: Smiling
Batal: Champion
Bayhas: Name of the lion
Bazam: It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih
Behzad: Caring, Honest
Bilal(Belal): Satisfies thirst, also it is the Name of the Prophet's Muezzin (one who calls the islamic call for prayer)
Binyamin(Benyamin): The Prophet Yusuf (A.S) brother's name
Bishr: Joy, solved
Boulos: The Arabic form of 'Paul'
Burhaan(Burhan): Proof
Bushr: Joy, happiness
Butrus: Arabic form of 'Peter'


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